[Not finished yet]

We will start with a gulp angular seeded project. Why an angular project? Because currently my team is using angular

#1. Create the scaffold

yo gulp-angular

If you get the following error message: You don't seem to have a generator with the name gulp-angular installed, install the generator first with npm install -g generator-gulp-angular (note the generator- part). Again if you get another error: The package express does not satisfy its siblings' peerDependencies requirements!, replace -g with -G. I got it when I install with Gitbash on Windows, and haven’t verified on other operating systems. More information, please find this SO question. The error is not exactly the same by the way.

I chose Angular version 1.3.x, with no jQuery, no REST library ($http is enough), with UI Router, Bootstrap, Sass.

After generated the code, run

gulp serve

#2. Inject react.js

bower install react --save

Now you have react.js on your home page.

#3. Reactify JSX files

npm install reactify --save-dev